2018 Paco Santiago Marin ’40th Anniversary Model’ [Cedar/Indian-Maple]

[Sold] 2018 Paco Santiago Marin ’40th Anniversary Model’

Top : Canadian Cedar
Back & sides : Indian Rosewood with Maple
Neck : Spanish Cedar
Gears : Alessi

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The “40th Annniversario Model”. Attention to detail displays artisan work at its finest. Perhaps among the most powerful of the Granada instruments, these also have a very elegant, lyrical voice. Condition is excellent with no damage or repairs of any kind. Many well-known players including Eliot Fisk, Ricardo Gallén, and Marco Tamayo (among others) have played and recorded on instruments by this very fine builder.

Paco Santiago Marin was born in 1945 within a family of guitar makers. Since very young he was closely linked to this art,  making guitars his life and passion. Taught by his father, he supplemented his education at the workshop of his  uncle, Antonio Marín Montero, regarded by many as a guitar-making eminent professor.

His high technical qualifications and his great musical sensitivity soon allowed him to excel, developing a kind  of instrument that stand out for their great projection, balance and colour, attracting many great guitar  “maestros” such as Ricardo Gallen, Leo Brouwer, Manuel Gonzalez, Iliana Matos,  among others.

His guitars are highly appreciated and valued, especially in the classical field, regarded by performers as being  among the best guitars in the world.”

More Info. Call 088-633-6999

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