2012 Sakurai Kohno ‘Professional J Model’ [Spruce/Brazilian]

2012 Sakurai Kohno ‘Professional J Model’

Top : German Spruce
Back & sides : Brazilian Rosewood
Neck : Cedar
Gears : Gotoh

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Designed by Japan’s most recognized luthier, Masaru Kohno, this instrument is a first-rate concert guitar. These instruments are currently being played by Oscar Ghiglia, Eduardo Fernandez and Shinichi Fukuda this concert season, and a string of top-players have played them in the past, including Sharon Isbin and Julian Bream, among others. The CSA rosewood sides and back are stunning and the German spruce top is perfectly quartersawn with plenty of silk. Playability is excellent. Tone is lovely with very, very good volume. This model, the “Special” is a step up from the Professional-J in detailing (especially in the purfling and rosette), and choice of materials. It has thick back and sides, and a double-ebony reinforced neck which makes this a very stable instrument for travel. We would recommend this guitar to anyone including a performing musician or recording artist.”

More Info. Call 088-633-6999

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