2016 Kazuo Sato ‘Prelude Model’ [Spruce/Indian]

[Sold] 2016 Kazuo Sato ‘Prelude Model’


Top : Italian Alpine Spruce
Back & sides : Indian Rosewood
Neck : Spanish Cedar
Gears : Alessi

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The guitars of Kazuo Sato are fascinating the guitarists and audiences for years by terrific
dynamics and amazing expressiveness. For concerts as well as for recordings you will be touched by the natural human approach of its sound. It comes very close to the illusion of talking through it like with your own voice. This result mainly out of the remarkable musical flexibility combined with big volume and its elegant timbre. Immediately felt in love with such a wonderful and colorful instrument. Especially in concerts halls one will recognize the huge projection of this instrument”

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More Info. Call 088-633-6999

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