2013 Masaki Sakurai ‘Maestro-RF Model’ [Spruce/Brazilian]

[Sold] 2013 Masaki Sakurai ‘Maestro-RF Model’

Top : German Spruce
Back & sides : Brazilian Rosewood
Neck : Cedar
Gears : Gotoh

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The luthier Masaki Sakurai is the nephew of Masaru Kohno who passed away in 1998. Masaki Sakurai produces two guitar ranges : some classical guitars inspired by his uncle Masaru Kohno under the brand Sakurai Kohno and his one product line under his own name Sakurai. This Sakurai Maestro guitar is his most advanced model and includes his latest innovations. With Central American Rosewood back and sides and a Spruce top, make sound like vigorous, rich, and articulate. This Maestro-RF features an elevated fingerboard, which allows for easy access to upper frets and modifies the break angle of the strings over the saddle, increasing the amount of vertical force being applied to the Spruce top, which increases the responsiveness of the plates and dramatically enhances the sustain. Moreover, this shifts where the sound hole is projecting outward, which translates to more of the guitar’s sonorous voice in the player’s ear.”

More Info. Call 088-633-6999

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