2012 Paco Santiago Marin ’30th Anniversary Model’ [Spruce/Indian]

[Sold]2012 Paco Santiago Marin ’30th Anniversary Model’

Top : German Spruce
Back & sides : Indian Rosewood
Neck : Spanish Cedar
Gears : Alessi

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This guitar, made in 2012 by the great Granadabased builder Paco Santiago Marin (nephew of Antonio Marin), is his highly sought-after “30th Annniversario Model”. Features of this model include an ebony center seam 7/8″ wide at heel and 1″ at the foot, Alessi tuners with ebony pegs and unique engraved brass plates. Attention to detail displays artisan work at its finest. Perhaps among the most powerful of the Granada instruments, these also have a very elegant, lyrical voice. Condition is near-mint, with only slight playing wear, but no damage or repairs of any kind.

The Paco Marin 30th Anniversary model is simply a reference among the best classical guitars by its power, its sound quality and rich harmonics. It is a superior level in comparison with traditional concert guitars. The model with spruce top offers warm, alive and clean sound, and velvety tone of great sweetness. Guitar with a great power and projection and rich harmonics.”

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More Info. Call 088-633-6999

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