2001 Paulino Bernabe ‘Especial Model’ [Spruce/Brazilian]

2001 Paulino Bernabe ‘Especial Model’


Top : European Spruce
Back & sides : Brazilian Rosewood
Neck : Spanish Cedar
Gears : Fusteros with Ebony Buttons
Artists :  John Williams and Johanna Beisteiner

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Built in the famous old workshop at Cuchilleros in the center of Madrid (before relocating to the Loto location), this is a classic-sounding and playing Bernabe concert guitar. As is typical from this period, it features striking materials, and is appointed with some beautiful inlay work, particularly in the rosette and top purfling. Sound is big, hearty and full, yet very balanced and clear at the same time. The guitar plays and sounds fantastic, and although a used guitar, it has only some very minor playing wear on the top and is in otherwise excellent condition.

The Bernabé ‘Especial’ concert guitars are well known and have been popular over along period. This one has a particularly pleasing balance and good 1st string by comparison with others recently seen and played. Although obviously Spanish in character, they have a nobility of sound which is very appealing. With a comfortable 65cm scale, playability is good – and with a strong sound, this is a worthy concert guitar that is very enjoyable to play.

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More Info. Call 088-633-6999

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